Why Choose Us?

Our Company

At ZONG, With a combined total of more than 16 years of experience, our team members possess extensive knowledge of the electronic products we sell as well as specific knowledge of the industries we serve. We have a sales system oriented towards the globe.Including China / Germany /France/ Netherlands / Australia / Japan/South Korea / Russia / India /USA etc.

We understand every aspect of consumer electronic products and are committed to developing effective product solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. And just as importantly, our entire team has a strong desire to deliver value to our customers, principals, vendors, and everyone associated with our company. 

Our Products

ZONG is a professional consumer electronic products manufacturer, It specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of electrical & electronic products, which include Cables, Signal Adapters, Converter, Docking Stations, and Gaming Power Supplies, etc.

Our product obtain the certification UL, FCC, CE, CCC, PSE and other safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency certification. 


We have experienced R&D team which includes up to 10+ highly skilled engineers We used the PLM advanced systems. And we got total 150+ patents.

R&D departments is equipped with modern equipment to development and test the products. 

Quality Control

We conduct management and control over products and put the quality in the first priority.

We persevere to take the development path of quality and efficiency and have set up a complete system of quality control and management.

We guarantee the reliability and quality stability of our products.

We have 56 items of product testing abilities, to make sure that our product quality would reach the domestic and international advanced levels.

  • Fast delivery within 20 days, shorter than most of other suppliers.
  • Produced one Cable from cable material(Copper/Tin Copper/Aluminum/Raw Cable/Molding) to Package
  • Accept OEM/ODM design and production, support you to win more market.