4K Fiber Optic HDMI Cable (Support PS5 4K@60HZ HDR)
Product Features:
Support 4K@60Hz, as specified in HDMI 2.0
18Gbps mass-capacity bandwidth. Backward compatible
Designed for transmitting up to 4K@60Hz unparalleled visual, as well as VR and 3D display signal in a lossless way even a long distance
Refresh rate at 120Hz while under 4K, ultra-fast motion UHD images to be crisp and razor-sharp, and higher refresh rate when using lower resolution
With Dynamic HDR, contrast, depth, brightness and wider color gamut are shown at ideal values on a frame-by-frame basis
Support the high-bitrate audio formats up to192kHz, 24-bit, and uncompressed 5.1 and 7.1, Dolby specific lossless audio formats, and 32-channel uncompressed audio
With VRR, gameplay will be more fluid and better detailed with nearly zero lag, judder and frame tearing
Support EDID incl. self-detecting function, ALLM, QMS and QFT
Made with strong zinc-alloy housing and corrosion-resistant gold-plated connector
High resistance against surrounding electromagnetic interference. Safe for everyone via the nil-radiation environment
Cable Length: 5M/ 10M/ 15M/ 20M/ 30M/ 40M/ 50M/ 60M/ 70M/80M/100M/200M
Model No:
PET Blister/Coloful Box
Logo Bag/Poly Bag









1.Before using, please make sure your source devices and display devices both are support 8K resolution

2.Pay full attention to distinguish the directionality, from "Source" to "Display"

3.When bending and using the cable, please don't pull the fiber cable violently and bend the cable<90 degree, to avoid the uneven force of the core and cause damage to the core of the cable

4.Please test the cable and check the display whether the cable will work or not before install or burried

5.Due to built-in chip in the connectors, please don't fall down and impact the connector

Is this compatible for HDR?
Yes. it supports for throughput up to 8K with HDR.
Do this cable support Dolby atmos?
Yes. it does, but you need to know whether or not the receiver (Input) does and the box (Output) does as well to and that this option in the settings is set to play that format.
Does this work with 4K 60hz?
Yes,It can support 4K/60HZ.
Product parameters
  • Connector A
    Standard HDMI Type A (Gold Plated)
  • Connector B
    Standard HDMI Type A (Gold Plated)
  • Inner Material
    Aluminum Foil Shielding + Tinned Copper + OFC Copper Conductor
  • 4-Core Glass Optical Fiber Conductor
    Stable and Light Speed Transmission, 100m without delay and attenuation
  • Outer Diameter
  • Shell
    Durable Zinc Alloy Metal Shell Prevent Cracking
  • Resolution
    4K@60Hz(3840x2160P)(Downward Compatibility)
  • Not-Bidirectional Transmission & Support BT.2020
    Fiber Optic HDMI 2.0 Cable only support one-way transmission
  • Universal Compatibility
    Optic Fiber HDMI 2.0 Cable enable to connect from HDMI Source Device to 4K@60Hz HDMI Display; Compatible with PC Laptop, PS4/5, Xbox 360, Blu-Ray Player as Source; HDTV, Monitor, Projector as Display; Application for Home Theater, Outerdoor Advertising, TV Broadcasting, Medical Center, Video Conference and More
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